We are the group of nature’s enthusiasts with the strong feeling for the nature preservation and we want to provide our rare ecosystem to be safe, secure and free-of-human’s influence! In the beginning, we did not have that much of support, as people could not understand how important was to keep our nature preserved. Luckily, over the time, we managed to secure a large group that coordinates several teams that are responsible for this beautiful area of the North-Western part of the UK. At the moment, we have three teams that work and coordinate between each other, producing fantastic results. Over the time, we managed to establish strong business relationships which is a strong support for our projects.

Our group operates and splits in three teams, where each team works with the remaining two. We have one team for education purposes and it’s responsible for teaching and expanding the awareness about the nature’s importance. The second team is advisory one and it consists of professional and experienced biologists and nature’s experts who work on our plan of preservation development and nature’s protection. The third team is consultative team that is coordination with the two previous teams with the constant consulting with professional and recognized organizations that deal with environmental issues.

So far, we have done a lot of work, but even more is ahead of us. Thanks to a lot of support that comes from the Government, as well non-Government, sectors we will manage to undertake a really demanding project that is going to take place this summer. If you would like to become a part of our team, feel free to contact us.