nutrition guideThe Kayla Itsines bikini body guide workout program is a 12 week bundle for women of all sizes and it’s amazing, effective and a proven way for the women with weight issues to reinvent their body shape, lose that excess weight, kick start their metabolism and get that amazing bikini body physique.

With a detailed and easy program set and prepared for you, you are able to get back and forget about your body problems. Kayla Itsines presents you different programs that assist with losing weight.

 Bikini Workout Guide

The bikini workout program is an easy 12 week program for you and assures you of massive body changes and weight loss. The program is quite easy to understand and can be used by anyone and luckily enough the workouts can be done anywhere like at home, at the gym and the park.

The workouts are very efficient and flexible since they only last for about 30 minutes a day with a 1 day off during the week. They are also quite easy to do as they require very few requirements such as a rope, bench and maybe dumbbells. In addition, the exercises are gradual and gives your body time to adapt with the workout and just leave your body fit and stronger.

With the program is fun and easy for you with short targeted exercises, cardio exercises made easy and rehabilitation programs to help your body never wake up sore.

Eating Diet Plan

The program provides you with an effective eating plan entailing different types of food to take for effective weight loss and a healthy body. The program shows you why to eat such foods and even when to eat them to increase their use to the body.

With the bundle comes recipes at least 5 of them daily, meal plans to meet different needs like standard, vegetarian, and the vegan guide, shopping lists for nutritious effective foods and amazing, easy and delicious recipes to suit you very taste and a special 14 day meal plan.

The benefits

Women who have used the program can testify that this is the best and most effective workout plan to use. Nothing is impossible and so is losing weight. The workout program serves all from the youths, the elderly and even the pregnant ladies. As a widely used workout program by over a million women worldwide, it has received a million reviews and all can testify of the positive changes it brings.

Just after a few weeks of starting the exercises you will be able to experience changes in your body and you will definitely start feeling better about yourself. You will feel more energy in your body and this will enable you continue more and more with the exercise.

After a month, massive body changes can be noticed and you will definitely feel thinner, leaner and stronger. Some say they experience their hair shine and their skin glow.

At the end of the bikini body guide program, you will no doubt have the bikini body of your dreams with tested reports saying you may be able to lose 30 to 40 Kilograms.

The program is also very effective for after pregnancy. With the difficulty women experience after giving birth.