View from side of Black Combe over Whicham Valley to the Duddon Estuary

The Plan For Preservation Of Duddon Estuary

Since we are a group of people who want to keep our nature healthy and preserved, we came up with the simple plan that we will try to stick to in order to keep our estuary clean. Not only we want to keep it clean because it looks nice, but also because it hosts many rare examples of flora and fauna, not to mention the beautiful landscapes and lawns. For this occasion, we have prepared a small set of activities that we are planning to achieve.

Re-inspecting the species

Though we have (almost) the complete list of all animals and plants that are present there, we would like to go through the list again to see that we had not missed anything. The team that is determined to deal with the consulting issues will consult with the biologists and experts from this filed to try to identify some other species that are not designated. According to our statistics, we are talking about three to 5 new species that we should identify. Beside the ones that we know, we will need to try to find the names for these species and list them in the official recordings.

Experiments on flora

Although we had manages to write down all the species of flora world, we would like to say that we will deal with some of the experiments. The experiments will involve breeding other types of species in order to produce the new specie. All the experiments will go under the supervision of biological experts and florist professionals who have been engaged in such activities for a long time. The goal is to try to develop a new type of grass, as the present types have some really special and unique characteristics. These experiments will not have any negative influence on the present state of this estuary.

However, the experiments will not start until 2020, as we need to do a lot of preparation and paperwork. As we want to preserve our nature to the maximum, we will undergo a series of tests and requirements that we need to meet in order to get the approval for such experiments. For this reason, we would like to say that, once we receive the official approval from the several organizations, we will start our experimenting. Until then, no experiments or tasks will be performed. If you would like to become a part of this project, and you possess a significant experience in this field, you can sign up for the project and wait until the interviewing process starts. All the experiments will be open-to-public and all records will be revealed to the public so everyone could see what we are doing and how we progress.


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